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Exercise is a great way to shed unwanted pounds and is very important to your overall health.  The CDC division of nutrition, physical activity and obesity has some great insight to these benefits which include a reduced cardiovascular risk, protecting your bones, muscles and joints, reducing pain from arthritis and more! 
High impact aerobic activities such as running are not recommended unless you have had a proper foot evaluation by a podiatrist.  Why?  Because many people have abnormally functioning feet, these types of exercise can cause undo stress/strain to joints and muscles leading to early arthritis and multiple types of tendon issues.  Low impact aerobic activity such as swimming, the elliptical, biking and others can give you the same benefits with greatly reduced stress on your body.
We all lose muscle mass as we age but resistance training can help us maintain as much as possible.  Lifting heavy weights IS NOT NECESSARY to maintain muscle and it puts you at a greater risk for injuries.  Resistance Tubes and Stability Balls are a great way to maintain both core strength and all major muscle strength without the strain of heavy lifting.  
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